What we do



For each customer, we develop a tailor-made marketing strategy and product improvement process. Interior modifications, styling, photography: We help you set up the house in such a way that the optimal price can be reached. Through our approach, we provide customers with a surprising and profitable way to make their properties the best they can possibly be.


The management of your property is fully taken care of by Holland Places professionals. Not only do we offer guaranteed rent, but we also provide the necessary repairs and maintenance. In addition, we do all inspections, visits, screening of tenants, reservations, complaints handling and security. In short: We take care of it for you all the time and you no longer have the hassles of your investment.



Holland Places takes care of all your bookkeeping: from monthly rent collection up to taking meter readings and the consumption of utilities. We also administer annual rent increases, credit card authorization and deposit management. From the accounts, we create an online billing summary so that all parties involved can verify the costs. Our web portal offers 24/7 access via a personal login to all bookkeeping data. You also have access to all actual open bills.


We offer our customers protection and rental guarantee. At Holland Places you will never be vacant, and never have to pay for theft or incidental damage. We are the experienced professional in management and enforcement, and all that goes with. Holland Places is the best property manager: Through the guaranteed rent we ensure the continuous maintenance and optimization of the property. Our properties are our business card.



Rules in the rental market are comprehensive and change frequently. Holland Places is involved and expert in the field. We are not only a fire safety specialist, but we are also aware of all license applications, VAT obligations and local zoning plans. The legal and tax support of Holland Places make the complete package for you: questions about insurances and tax issues are for our in-house professionals.

Personal assistance

We would like to talk to you about your property, because thorough advice is tailor-made. At Holland Places we can answer all your questions about rental, tax, insurance or maintenance. Our advisors are ready to give you a long-term or maintenance advice tailored to your personal wishes and circumstances. Of course you can also come to us for questions about payment of your bills, and we also offer owners our service for postal mail and key management , up to the eventual sales of the property.